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For speakers

Elevate your speaking career

We help you grow your speaker business with digital products, marketing tools, easy payments, and smooth administration. Get flow in your business today!

For speakers

As a speaker, there’s a lot to consider. You need to market, sell, administer, and invoice – and most importantly of all – you need to retain the energy and focus to give your audience value. Every single time.

We understand your issues. That’s why we created myflow. To assist and support you on your journey. Through smart digital processes, we help you to focus on your passion, save time and sell more.

Whether you want to digitalize a part of your business or almost everything, myflow is here to meet your needs regardless.


Save time every day. Organize your customers in CRM, book & schedule meetings, send digital agreements, collect your files, and more.


Reach more customers. Build your website, create landing pages, send newsletters, create funnels, get new leads, and more.


Earn more money. Create courses, make subscriptions, send quotes, process payments, and more.

Create more ways to make money

and keep what you earn

with zero revenue share fees.

First step
Sign up

Sign up for myflow via an invite you receive from other users or an affiliate. Choose our Pro or Free version.

Second step
Dive in

Dive in and start digitizing your business. Select from a range of different features that suit your current business needs.

Third step

Enjoy the benefits of your digitalization journey and do more of what you’re passionate about.

Business Analyzer

Discover the true insights about your business

Answer a series of questions to receive a report, and strategic step-by-step actions to accelerate your success.

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A never heard of deal for you as an affiliate – get 40% in commission when you share myflow.

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Currently, we only offer access to myflow through a select group of ambassadors worldwide. Join the queue to be the first to know when we make myflow available to more people.