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No more last-minute cancellations

or sleepless nights

Your business’s best buddy!

Use myflow to quickly create and send digital agreements for instant signing.


A digital agreement sets a solid foundation for the relationship. Both parties give due diligence to the process, through a simple digital workflow and you are in control of it all.

Get notifications when your customer signs the agreement and know when your collaboration are ready to take off.


Forget about the restless nights and eleventh-hour cancellations that come with informal agreements. Picture this – agreements for coaches, consultants, creators and speakers are like the superhero capes of the business world. They swoop in to save the day by outlining who does what, when, and how. Say goodbye to unclear collaborations!


In just a few minutes, you can handle and dispatch a digital agreement through myflow, enabling you to deliver it directly to your client. And have it signed in the blink of an eye. A digital process that secures your business operations within a complete digital cycle.

Tarja Kälvelid, Management Consultant

Using online agreements is key. myflow makes signing contracts fast and simple. This way, I can make sure everything is clear and correct, building trust with partners right from the start.

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