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We believe in connections over vacancies. 💜

We’re always keen to meet future stars – connect with us! Are you passionate about making a difference and eager to show what you’ve got? Although we might not have the perfect role for you at the moment, we’re always on the lookout for the stars of tomorrow!


Let’s shake things up a bit! Shoot over a video, snap a pic, flaunt your portfolio, or pen us a poem – we’re all ears (and eyes) for the real you! 🌟

E-mail: info@myflow.se


Catch you on the flip side! 
/The myflow crew 

The Team

Oscar Valentin

Client Growth Developer


Educating. Sales. Wine. Pasta. Surf. Snowboard. Hip-Hop. House. Good. Vibes. Only.

Oliver Hertzman Kraft



Baltazar. Tech genius. Spot-phobe. Country nerd. Bertrand lover. Golf fanatic. Unix. Dad. Småland- Economist. Programming ace.

Nicoline Zevassus Svensson

Client Growth Developer


Competitive junkie. Loud laugher. Chocolate lover. Nature stroller. Ex world talent in CS:GO.

Robert Bloom

Chief Growth Officer


Learner. Freedom. Sunset. Passion. Goals. Love. Salesnerd. Progress. Together. Risktaker.

Wille Kärneus Bloom

Customer Success


õura-score. Eggs. Casio. Customer satisfaction. Sunset. Training. Driving. Parfume. Support.

Robert Ohlzon

Frontend Developer


Developer. Chiptune. Very dad. Annoyingly patient. Watches and Lego.

Anna Forsberg

Client Growth Developer


Mother. Dog owner. Coffee. Misty forests. Dark lakes. Art. Dancing. Fencing. K-drama.

Karin Kärneus Bloom

Marketing Manager


Doer. Mom x3. Purple. Smarketing. Left-handed. Impatient. Soccer-sucker. EDM. Sun lover. PW:s.

Viktor Klasson

Growth Specialist


Tech nerd, tomato lover, creative generalist, entrepreneur, dancer, apple fanboy, night views

Oscar Sveinbjörnsson

Client Growth Developer


Health nut. Outdoor enthusiast. Loyal. Dog dad. Personal growth. Foodie.

Kajsa Dahlqvist

Client Growth Developer


Enabler. Business-wizard. Mother of boys. Process-geek. Digitalist. Behaviorist. Hobby-runner.

David Zevassus Svensson

Client Growth Developer


Curious. Adrenaline junkie. Live music lover. Wannabe athlete. Knowledge sucker. Zen.


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