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The toolbox you deserve is finally here

All in one place, not all over the place. Attract, manage, monetize – and grow. All at myflow.

I love how myflow simplifies my everyday life as an entrepreneur. It's is almost too good to be true. myflow really helps me and my clients to streamline our business.

Mari Höglund, Coach & Growth Assistant

I was tired of patching together dozens of software applications. Now, a single platform manages my business, covering everything from CRM to marketing & sales.

Thibaud Hartwig, Management Consultant

I train coaches & speakers daily. I can truly see the difference myflow makes for them - both new and seasoned professionals progress towards their goals.

Jonathan Ljungqvist, Coach Educator

I love how easy it is for me to share my passion and knowledge to thousands of people all over the world. myflow really helped me to kick-start my digital journey.

Charbel Gabro, Keynote Speaker.

In my coaching career, finding the best tools is key. MyFlow has changed the game. I urge other coaches to use this platform for outstanding outcomes.

Gönen Premfors, managing director

Supercharge your business

A business system that puts you in control of it all. Discover the
peace of mind that comes with just one login. And with all features included.

Using all these?

Try using only this.

Say goodbye to juggling multiple systems – discover the single hub you need for a seamless workflow.

Generate new revenue,

acquire more customers,

save time every day.

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Don't just take our word for it

Olof Röhlander, Keynote Speaker & Author

Every week, I send newsletter to over 85.000 people. Ever since I moved my entire database to myflow I’m thrilled by the support I get, and also the technical solution from the team. Looking forward to what myflow can do for my digital journey moving forward.

Anna Tebelius Bodin, Keynote Speaker

Using myflow to manage my digital subscriptions has given me a new way to connect with my audience. The platform’s seamless integration and automation capabilities mean I can easily offer and update subscription content, keeping my followers engaged.

Hawta Magid, Coach

myflow has truly revolutionized the way I engage with my clients, infusing professionalism into every interaction. The integrated service streamlines our workflow, making every step - from e-mail correspondence to CRM-management - simpler and more cohesive.

Ola Wallström, Consultant

Hats off to myflow for truly streamlining the document side of my business! Now I can store my videos, photos, and PDFs in one place and seamlessly integrate them into all my creations. So simple!

Madeleine Rybeck, Coach & Speaker

In my business, the CRM system is my go-to tool for seamlessly managing customer interactions. Its intuitiveinterface and powerful features make it easy to analyz customer data, enabling me to build stronger relationships and tailor communication strategies. It's a game-changer for optimizing processes and fueling business growth.


A smart system that puts you in control

Get flow in your business with many time-saving sales funnels and workflows.
All owned by you.

Your own Customer Area

The front! Your customers will step in to your branded area and take part of your world of expertise.

Your own Back Office

The back! This is the engine of your business and were you build your future earnings.


Your own area to shine

Unify your brand, content, and customers in one place. No code needed. Start with our template, then customize to fit your style and needs.


A backyard for your biz

Organize the entire client workflow, from inquiry to payment – and everything in between. Papers, spreadsheets and apps be gone!

We are here to serve you

Support in every way you like. Want to deepdive in an education about lead magnets? Got a question about a tool in your Back Office? Need guidance from a real human?

The all-in-one platform

for coaches, consultants,

creators, and speakers

All in one place

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Up to 10 admins, additional admins €9,90 per month

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Discover the true insights about your business

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