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support to your customers

Your business’s best buddy!

Provide a support chat for your customers inquiries.

Customer support

Ok, we got you covered. We built a support chat tailored to assist your customers.

Whether your customers need guidance or have questions, you can use the chat system to meet their needs. 


Customer support chat – your customer go-to destination for friendly assistance, available round the clock – if you want! You decide wether you want to offer this service or not.


Whether your customers are seeking product information, troubleshooting advice, or just want to chat, you can provide top-notch support -without paying extra. Your customers will find the chat symbol in your their Customer Area and you handle the system from your Back Office.

Anna-Karin Lingham, Consultant & Speaker

Massive thumbs up to myflow for their outstanding customer support! Every query is met with a swift, friendly, and helpful response, making my experience exceptionally smooth. It's not just support, it's like having a trusted advisor for my business. Truly above and beyond – myflow's support team is a game-changer.

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Currently, we only offer access to myflow through a select group of ambassadors worldwide. Join the queue to be the first to know when we make myflow available to more people.

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