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Maximize earnings as a myflow affiliate

Get 40% in commission up to 5 years when you share myflow, the all-in-one platform for coaches, consultants, creators, and speakers. 

Affiliate Program

The myflow Affiliate Program is designed to reward individuals and businesses for referring new customers to myflow. By leveraging your marketing skills and network, you can earn a recurring commission for every customer who signs up through your affiliate link. 

Our unique affiliate model gives you 40% in commission on purchases that your referrals make – for 60 months! It’s a never heard of deal for you as an affiliate.  

Discover how to earn through the myflow Affiliate Program, ideal for bloggers and content creators. This program rewards you for referrals with a “never-heard-of” recurring commission, offering a sustainable income stream.


With access to a dashboard for tracking and a wide range of marketing materials, you’ll have everything you need to succeed. Start promoting myflow to maximize your earnings and impact in the online education space. It’s not just about making money – you’re also helping other people access the best tools for business growth!

Who makes a great fit?

How to apply


Apply to join our program through a simple sign-up process.

Get your link

Once approved, access our affiliate dashboard for your unique affiliate tracking link.

Earn big

Promote myflow using your link and track your earnings in real-time in our affiliate dashboard.

Wanna become an affiliate?

A never heard of deal for you as an affiliate – get 40% in commission when you share myflow.

Let's apply to become an affiliate

A never heard of deal for you as an affiliate – get 40% in commission when you share myflow.

Wanna get inside?

Currently, we only offer access to myflow through a select group of ambassadors worldwide. Join the queue to be the first to know when we make myflow available to more people.

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Share your work to other myflow users, either freely or in exchange for payment