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Success stories

Heléne and Micke sharpen the customer’s buying journey

Heléne Arvidsson and Micke Darmell

Speaker & Consultant

Describe briefly your business and what you work with.

We assist organizations in freeing up time and creating more impactful meetings.

How do you use myflow in your business?

We have just started using it. In presentations, for example, we use QR codes for a free nano training. We constantly use landing pages for targeted audiences. We have conducted an Author Talk and are planning to record another one for a different book. We’ve started using CRM and look forward to initiating communication through it.

What is the best thing about myflow for you and your business?

The fantastic assistance we have received in terms of understanding the customer’s buying process.

Which feature do you use the most and why?

Landing pages.

Your best tip/hack for others using myflow?

Follow the guidance provided and trust the process. Attend Master Classes and other training sessions. Take it step by step. The LinkedIn group is also valuable when you need support. Connect with others who have knowledge. We’ve experienced a generous and supportive environment.

Why did you choose to become a Founding Member?

We want to receive as much coaching as possible!

What overall rating would you give myflow (1-5)?

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

10! Oh, we weren’t allowed to choose that. Okay, a strong 5 then.

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