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Mikael leverages technology to wow his customers

Mikael Lundgren


Describe briefly your business and what you work with.

Through behavior analysis in OBM (Organizational Behavior Management), we create an understanding of what is required to achieve behavioral change. In this way, we can together create a workplace where we recharge each other’s batteries daily. I also have a small side offering with AAR (After Action Review) where I help my clients sort out the mess to keep their organization learning.

How do you use myflow?

I use the platform to set up Minutes, Nanos, and Talks. I create landing pages for customers and, of course, use the CRM and quotes.

What is the best thing about myflow for you?

It saves time while providing a wow factor for the customer when the landing page (which is usually the first step) reaches them. I get a professional outfit for my offer. Additionally, I want to highlight myflow’s Mastery courses, they’re magical!

Which feature do you use the most?

The landing page is my first step with the customer.

Your best tip/hack for others using myflow?

My best tip is to use the platform. And make use of the support, incredibly fast and professional!

Why did you choose to become a Founding Member?

It felt completely natural. I believe in the platform in the same way the myflow team believes in me.

What overall rating would you give myflow (1-5)?

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟  

4.8, really good with room for perfection.

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