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Anna-Karin utilizes landing pages for broad outreach

Anna-Karin Lingham

Consultant & Speaker

Describe briefly your business and what you work with.

I help businesses, organizations, and individuals strengthen their brands. This often brings both profitability, joy at work, and increased customer satisfaction. Plus, it’s fun!

How do you use myflow in your business?

I use landing pages, for example, in connection with lectures and meetings. I have now created the brand new online course ‘Boost Your Company Brand.’ It targets marketing managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in small and medium-sized companies.

What is the best thing about myflow for you and your business?

I am learning more and more about how I can use the platform in clever ways. So far, I have mainly explored opportunities regarding landing pages and how I can reach a group with information in an attractive and clear manner.

Which feature do you use the most and why?

Training modules – I have dedicated some time to creating a comprehensive online course.

Your best tip/hack for others using myflow?

Start experimenting with landing pages in both big and small contexts. It can give such a professional impression to your customers when you want to convey something, for example, after a meeting or a lecture.

Why did you choose to become a Founding Member?

I believe in the great opportunities the platform offers for those of us who are increasingly working digitally. Bringing together so many smart and useful features in one place is fantastic. Even if users don’t use all the features simultaneously, each individual function is valuable. I enjoy being part of the exciting journey of development for the platform and believe in the commitment and competence of the team driving the development.

What overall rating would you give myflow (1-5)?

🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

A strong 4. High ambitions, smart features, wonderful ideas, committed people. The platform is constantly evolving, and there is more potential.

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